...I am passionate about Jerusalem's history,
her stories, her sights,
and most of all her secrets...




The best thing about hiring a private guide in Jerusalem is that there is no set itinerary. If you'd like, we can discuss beforehand-- either over the phone, email, or skype-- to come up with a plan that matches your needs and desires...

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skype: jerusalemwithjeremy



We spent several days as a 3-generation family with Jeremy. 

His vast knowledge is remarkable and well delivered, punctuated with humourous anecdotes: also he was able to inform from any religious direction. He is clearly interested in people and despite us being twice his age, was pleasant to chat with. We felt we were with a young friend who was as interested in our lives as we were in his. Our 17-month-old granddaughter made a friend and he was tolerant of all of our needs. We thoroughly enjoyed his company and would recommend him to any person, or group, as a guide around 

Judy, UK

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